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About Us

GEAR-UP is a manufacturer of women’s fitted personal protective clothing apparel. We design and market this apparel to fit women of all sizes. You need a fitted coverall, we have them; you need a fitted glove, we have them; you need fitted safety shirt, winter jackets, yes, we have them. There is no longer the need to negotiate fit: GEAR-UP is the solution.

"one-size-fits-all coveralls do not fit the diverse female body"

The modern woman is learning to stand on her own two feet; work for what she wants and never accept no for an answer. Regardless of her age, marital and family status, this woman is strong and independent, holding her own in a predominantly male environment. She works hard in her field to garner the respect and recognition that she deserves to attain the benefits afforded to her male counterparts. There are organizations devoted to helping women see their full potential and inspire women to break free of their fears and work on their desires. GEAR-UP applauds these women for stepping out of their conformed boxes and taking risks in their own lives to gain a better, more empowered life for themselves.

These are the women that GEAR-UP strives to serve. We see these women, we hear these women and we work for these women, we are these women. GEAR-UP addresses the growing needs of safety work wear for women. We hear the complaints that the one-size-fits-all coveralls do not fit the diverse female body, we hear the gloves do not fit the small, dexterous female hand, we recognize that these issues impact the ability for a woman to work to her full potential and we are dedicated to creating a line of work wear to serve her needs.



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